Bills target minor parties in ballot access fight

Former Gov. Jesse Ventura testified against a Minnesota bill and threatened to ‘thump’ the two major parties if it passes.
FILE – In this Sept. 21, 2012 file photo, former Minnesota Gov. Jessie Ventura speaks at Macalester College Friday, Sept. 21, 2012 in St. Paul, Minn., in support of Libertarian Party presidential nominee Gary Johnson prior to an address by Johnson. Third-party candidates Gary Johnson and Virgil Goode are blips in the presidential race. They have little money, aren’t on stage for presidential debates and barely register in the polls _ when survey takers even bother to list them as options. (AP Photo/Jim Mone)

Republican and Democratic lawmakers are advancing measures in several states to tighten ballot access laws in efforts to keep minor party candidates out of general election fights.

Measures to limit a minor party’s access to the ballot have been introduced in at least half a dozen states. Those bills vary widely, but each would make it more difficult for minor parties to get their candidates on the ballot during next year’s presidential election.

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