Blue states plan infrastructure, housing, gun safety pushes in 2024

House speakers and Senate presidents outlined their plans in interviews.
Oregon Gov. Tina Kotek examines a mass timber affordable housing prototype at the Port of Portland in Portland, Ore., Friday Jan. 27, 2023. (AP Photo/Claire Rush)

Legislative leaders in states where Democrats hold control of government are putting together packages of proposals to build the nation’s electric vehicle infrastructure, tackle the mounting cost of living, and address a worsening workforce shortage in short legislative sessions that kick off in dozens of states next month.

In interviews with House speakers and Senate presidents across the country in recent days, Democrats describe a busy year ahead, in which they will advance short-term legislation aimed at wooing voters in the fast-approaching presidential election and longer-term programs meant to address an economy transitioning to a clean energy future and a housing market that is causing a spike in homelessness.

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