Calif. lawmakers, Newsom set for intense budget negotiations

The Assembly and Senate passed a plan Thursday that diverges from the governor’s in a few key areas.
California Gov. Gavin Newsom discusses his proposed state budget for the 2024-2025 fiscal year, during a news conference in Sacramento, Calif., Wednesday, Jan. 10, 2024. (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli)

California lawmakers on Thursday voted to approve a budget plan that differs from Gov. Gavin Newsom’s (D) in a few key areas, setting the stage for intense negotiations ahead of the start of Fiscal Year 2025 on July 1.

The Democrat-controlled Legislature’s proposal would restore funding for many programs Newsom would cut, from child care assistance to homelessness services, while slashing funding for prisons. It would use a different budget maneuver to protect school funding and suspend certain business tax credits and deductions a year earlier.

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