Pluribus AM: New York’s youth social media deal

Good morning, it’s Wednesday, June 5, 2024. In today’s edition, New York reaches deal on youth social media bills; Maryland Gov orders climate change plans; Arizona voters to weigh in on immigration crime:

Top Stories

SOCIAL MEDIA: New York lawmakers have reached agreement on digital privacy legislation that would bar social media companies from displaying “addictive feeds” to youth users. The bill would bar push notifications to minors during overnight hours without parental consent. (Pluribus News)

Tech industry groups have spent almost $1 million lobbying against the bills, a princely sum in Albany.

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: The Pennsylvania Senate Judiciary Committee unanimously backed legislation barring artificially generated explicit content to criminal codes outlawing child pornography. Sen. Tracy Pennycuick (R) called the AI-generated images “a new frontier of criminal activity.” (Harrisburg Patriot-News)

CLIMATE CHANGE: Maryland Gov. Wes Moore (D) has ordered state agencies to submit plans to address climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Maryland’s goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 60% of 2006 levels by 2031. (Associated Press)

MARIJUANA: New Hampshire House members offered to accept a Senate-driven version of marijuana legalization with several changes, including lowering a state surcharge on cannabis sales and decriminalizing up to two ounces of marijuana. Senators considering the deal will meet again today. (Marijuana Moment)

RACE RELATIONS: Colorado Gov. Jared Polis (D) has signed legislation creating a commission to study the lingering effects of slavery and systemic racism, but the panel needs to raise $785,000 by next June. The commission would produce its report within two and a half years. (Denver Post)

SPORTS: Kansas Senate President Ty Masterson (R) and House Speaker Dan Hawkins (R) said they are considering putting together an incentive package to woo the Kansas City Chiefs across the Missouri border. The legislature plans to consider an economic development package for Kansas City’s Major League Soccer team during an upcoming special session. (Kansas Reflector)

In Politics & Business

ARIZONA: The state legislature gave final approval to a ballot measure that will ask voters whether to make it a state crime for noncitizens to enter Arizona from Mexico. The proposal would allow state and local police to make immigration arrests. (Associated Press)

To recap what’s at stake in Arizona this year: A presidential swing state. A U.S. Senate seat. Two swing U.S. House seats. Control of the legislature. Abortion. Immigration. Buckle up, Arizonans.

SOUTH DAKOTA: Voters in Gregory, Harken and Tripp counties rejected ballot measures that would have banned tabulator machines from counting votes in Tuesday’s primary elections. Supporters of the measures wanted to require elections officials to count ballots by hand. (South Dakota Searchlight)

OHIO: Supporters of a proposed redistricting reform amendment say they expect to file well more than the 400,000 valid signatures they need to qualify for a spot on November’s ballot. The proposal would replace the state’s existing redistricting commission with a 15-member citizen’s panel divided between Republicans, Democrats and independents. (Cleveland Plain Dealer)

WISCONSIN: Attorney General Josh Kaul (D) has filed felony forgery charges against attorneys Kenneth Chesebro and Jim Troupis and former Trump aide Mike Roman in connection with a scheme to deliver fake elector paperwork to Congress ahead of the Jan. 6 insurrection. Fake electors have faced charges in Georgia, Michigan and Nevada. (WTTW)

By The Numbers

At least 35: The number of states where wild hogs have appeared, after their introduction by Spanish settlers in the 1500s. “We’re not gonna barbecue our way out of this,” said John Mayer, a research scientist at Savannah River National Laboratory. (South Florida Sun-Sentinel)

More than $52 million: The amount California must repay the federal government after improperly claiming Medicaid reimbursements for care provided to certain immigrants, according to a federal audit. A spokesman for the Department of Finance said the state has already allocated money to repay the funds. (Los Angeles Times)

Off The Wall

The Republican National Convention has changed a background photo on its website that depicted the skyline of Ho Chi Minh City, rather than Milwaukee. The previous photo clearly showed Ho Chi Minh City’s distinctive Bitexco Financial Tower. (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

Cape Cod beachgoers saw something unique strutting up and down the sand on Sunday: A flamingo, believed to be the first of its kind to be seen in Massachusetts. The bird was likely blown off course by Hurricane Idalia, which hit Florida last August. (Boston Globe)

Quote of the Day

“And Ron DeSantis is up there in the suite. He’s having a date night with Mickey Mouse. I’m so glad they finally made up.”

Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger, calling out Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R), who attended a show in Orlando on Monday. (Florida Today)