States ramp up efforts to regulate PFAS chemicals as risks, product list grow

At least six states have enacted PFAS-related bills this year.
Eva Stebel, water researcher, pours a water sample into a smaller glass container for experimentation as part of drinking water and PFAS research at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Center For Environmental Solutions and Emergency Response on Feb. 16, 2023, in Cincinnati. (AP Photo/Joshua A. Bickel, File)

States are trying again this year to regulate the family of chemicals known as PFAS, as the list of products in which it is found and the risks of exposure to it both grow.

At least six states — Colorado, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, New Jersey and Virginia — so far this year have enacted a total of nine bills related to per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances. Bills in Alaska, Connecticut and Vermont are awaiting a governor’s signature.

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