Tool ranks states by private equity buyout risk

‘There is a wide variation of how effective some states are in understanding and combating the negative effects of this industry.’
Some of the residents of the , participated in a rent strike as reaction to new owners of the community introducing a 6% rent increase. The plight of residents at Ridgeview Homes mobile home community in Lockport, N.Y., seen here on June 23, 2022, is playing out nationwide as institutional investors, led by private equity firms and real estate trusts and sometimes funded by pension funds, swoop in to buy mobile home parks. (AP Photo/Lauren Petracca)

Private equity buyouts are shaking up health care, housing, jobs and pensions for millions of Americans, but some states are feeling their effects more than others, according to an online risk indicator unveiled Tuesday by a watchdog group.

The Private Equity State Risk Index, compiled by the nonprofit Private Equity Stakeholder Project, ranks states according to a range of publicly available information to help policymakers make sense of an opaque trend that is creeping into almost every aspect of daily life.

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