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Where abortion rights could be on the ballot next

Reproductive rights advocates got a big win in Ohio on Tuesday.
Nebraska state Sen. Machaela Cavanaugh addresses a crowd of about 200 people Wednesday, April 12, 2023, in the Nebraska state Capitol rotunda in Lincoln, Neb., during a rally to oppose a bill that would ban abortion once cardiac activity can be detected in an embryo, which is generally around the sixth week of pregnancy. (AP Photo/Margery Beck)

The Ohio constitutional amendment approved by voters Tuesday to protect the right to abortion extended the ballot measure winning streak for abortion rights advocates and provided another momentum boost ahead of what’s potentially an even bigger year for the issue.

Constitutional amendments to protect abortion access are already on the ballot in Maryland and New York in 2024, while advocates for and against abortion rights are working on potential ballot questions in at least 10 additional states, according to the Associated Press and KFF, a nonprofit health care news and policy research organization. 

Here’s the latest on the status of those potential ballot measures: 

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